Week One

1. Meet Naiv, fight the Maht and flying bull
2. Find evidence of the second Maht. Abscond.
7. Arrive in Eaves late at night, stop the captain’s son’s house from burning down.

Week Two

1. Learn more about the Blightling problem and head out to go solve it.
2. Arrive at the caves. Die. Become a hero to the Marshfolk.
3. Kill White Eye. Release the spirit. Meet Chance and be resurrected.
4. Return to Eaves. Meet Stormfeet and Naryu. Naiv slips into a coma.
5. White Eye returns. Discover Naiv. Meet Prask. Head out.
6. Return to the caves. Meet Spoof. Kill the blobthing. Meet Tiska.
7. Travel back toward Eaves, run into Saltlick again

Week Three

1. Make it back to Eaves. Glamour heals Naryu and tells me about Saltlick.
2. Town finds out about the governor and Tiska. Get captured by and chase out the White Ones.
3. Leave Journey in the care of Glamour to find the Collector.


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