Feathers & Glass

The Great Retcon of 2017

Rundown and Rambles

A lot of play time got wiped out from March, April, and May, and now the entire site looks significantly more barren. You can find some of the old site contents here.

The story from that retcon was, essentially, I got into a fight with Glamour. She wrecked my shit and sent us back into the past using power from the truestone we found. Chance may or may not have known this was coming, but it seems to me like she and Journey may have had a deal. We found Birdbrains, an orphan girl, by following Chance’s songbird in a city 70 years before our time—50 before the World Break would occur. Birdbrains was eventually revealed to be the child who would grow up to be the Syndic of Glass, and Journey seemed intent on replacing her as that so that Birdbrains—and likely Journey’s dead sister—could have a chance at more normal and happier lives, likely ones less or not at all effected by the World Break.

During this, we were being stalked by the Black Fang, which is both an assassin cult and the eponymous spirit who led them. Journey was captured and managed to trap the spirit within her own body. It really sucked.

There were other plot threads and arcs and characters we were also exploring, but we decided to rewind back to the return trip to Eaves, before anything ever happened, so that we could refocus the game on the place and culture we specifically set out to explore when we crafted our cast of characters. It was interesting to watch the characters react to the cultural and temporal shock of their new predicament, but the characters were hugely shaped by their specific setting, and pulling them away from that cut out a lot of their motivations and sense of completeness.

We also found that the narrative device of time travel created a very specific tone that, while very interesting and surprisingly complex, was frankly a bit too much of a downer for our primary form of escapism. Sending our main characters back 70 years alone meant that any adult they spoke to would likely be dead by the time the gang made it back to their own time, even before the World Break that would likely wipe out any children and scenery they would pass in their travels. The setting took on a tone of nihilism and near-dread as the main characters realized and actively talked about how every new person and their worries wouldn’t matter for the gang, and then profound sadness as they began to care for these new people anyway, despite knowing what was in store for them. I would love to see this thoroughly explored in text, but submerging yourself in it for RP was a little too much by the end of May.



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