Salt is a Nebayan settlement on the Feathered Isle in the Shattered Bay. It is positioned about halfway between Glass and Bells. It was originally founded as a minor port town to help manage the exports of salt from the prison mine of Salary, but due to the charisma and machinations of Thorben Osada, Salt’s governor, Salt has seen a large growth in resident artisan, craftsmen, and pirates who bring a lot of money to the town.

“It started out as a settlement to keep the docks and shipments in order because some Nebayan mage had built a salt mine farther inland. Then my father became its governor. He’s Belhedan and I guess he couldn’t rest without trying to turn his little hole in the road into an economic powerhouse. He’s been building the town up by inviting craftsmen and artists and else who does valuable work to come live there, mostly by talking up the weather and how it’s literally as far as you can be from the Living God and the Houses and all that drek without giving up the rights and freedoms and tax havens.” —Nilrae to Journey

Notable Residents

  • Thorben Osada, governor
  • Bogdana Volin, captain of the guard
  • Memory, Salt’s witch
  • Katya, Iuzhenk steelpriest

The Feathered Isle got its name from the startling amount of birds native to the island. One of these native species, called the pugi, has special significance to the residents of Salt as a source of food and leisure.


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