Pre-Retcon Archive

Once Upon A Time we played almost every day in April and early March but we didn’t like any of it. Here’s some of the stuff I’d had in record keeping anyway.

Quests and Goals

⍉ Get a new backpack
⍉ Rescue Naryu
⍉ Find someone to find the slaver contact in the morokanth tribe
o See if the nymph wife needs help
o Capture the Fence on the way to Pavis
o Capture the Fence some other way
o Meet Weasel at the temple at sunset
o Find the stall we dreamed about
⍉ Find the little girl
⍉ Give Cassis Strath’s ring to Dikkop at the Chalana Arroy temple for Ojin Calker. Then get his treasure for at least his dad’s ring.
o Praise ___ to Banaryos of the Silver Shields
o Keep an eye out for the High Llama’s brother
o Present Journey with a hand-blown cock from Horn Gate. Try not to break it while dying of laughter.

Loot Notes

boss of a Lunar type engraved with a crescent moon and 7 shield ornaments in the shape of various figures, 9 chunks of gold, 1 silver ingot, 3 rough cut gems, 279 actual Lunars.
split four ways 125
a Fireblade Matrix Dagger (Tiska), Grasshopper brooch with Voice Charm (Nilrae), 4ap helm (Nilrae)

Fence Ambush
32 golden wheels, 48 silver lunars, two rubies, a sapphire, a diamond, and a costume amulet.
split 6 ways 500L
A Silence Matrix Dagger (Tiska), A Dispel Magic Staff (Journey), Green Godsblood (Nilrae), a Scroll with Manipulation lessons, and a healing potion.

Judge Fees
500L advance

Troll Town
intricate wooden puzzle ring. It’s too big for a finger – more like a bracelet.
In addition to that, are a bronze ring, a worn brass disk about three inches in diameter and bearing the impression of a six legged creature with a single central maw, a broken wooden arrow, and an arrow with a glass head that all detect as magic.
As far as valuables, you find a broken jewel quality cloak clasp, a dented brazen horn, two silver candelabra, two unusual chimes made of unfamiliar metal which render unusually mellow and pleasing ringing tones, two biscuits of solid gold, three small hollow glass sphere in a sturdy pouch which hold liquid inside. Six scroll tubes filled with notes in Pavic script.

Rattell Poisonknife & co.
One broadsword, a composite bow, two daggers, a shortsword, a quarterstaff, a maul that detects as magic, 1h battleaxe, and a large shield.
SIZ 15 plate greaves and open helm
SIZ 16 breastplate, open helm and hood.
SIZ 11 ringmail and cuirboilli, though the ringmail hauberk is damaged from where Golgotti was run through.
Ratell wore a ring that detected as magical – it is silver, but set with a godsblood crystal. The band itself is a Shimmer 3 matrix.
crystal and a ring with Ironhand 3.
Three gems worth 5, 11, and 78L. One foreign gem worth 4210L.

Full Cast

Crossing, arc 1

  • Rahn—young boy
  • Emir—Rahn’s older brother
  • Arnulf—houndmaster and Rahn’s father
  • Mala—tailor and Rahn’s mother
  • Ula—wisewoman, shaman
  • Elf—ex-herder who decided to come with us
  • Skunk—Elf’s brother
  • Atarak—blacksmith’s son
  • Sitam—Atarak’s friend
  • Goldie—turncoat bandit and “army deserter”
  • Shelsom—orphan kid whose arm got wrecked
  • Those Two Rad-ass Morokanths whose names I forgot—married runepriest powercouple from the tribe Varoteg’s slaver contact is from
  • Vela Surestrike—Yelornan Tarshite hoping to join the Duke trying to tame his lands
  • Dalron Surestrike—Vela’s twin brother, with similar goals
  • Gotash—chatterbox

New Pavis,

  • Rupric Pheric—Lunar registrar
  • Goldie’s mostly-blind merchant friend
  • Weasel—ratfaced man who recognized me and Goldie
  • Lady Elf’s gonna fuck
  • Griselda—lady Weasel told me had a map to the fancy axe, might be fucking the governor
  • Drorayni Ranis Therethi-Cathay—Nethonese follower of Pas-Al Ain. Boisterously Friendly
  • Lankin Indago—dickface Lunar noble who got me arrested because he was trying to kidnap a little girl
  • Lankin Indago’s cousin—the lackey version
  • Heart—I gave her my cool feather
  • Sylvilagos—sergeant who arrested me
  • Cassis Strath—Orlanthi prisoner I met in prison
  • Fleeter Nemm—(male) Daughter of Pavis, judge at my hearing. Cool dude
  • Gavial Latish—Lhankor Mhy judge at my hearing, boring dude not interested in morality
  • Zibet Merne—Lunar judge at my hearing, fuckface dude
  • Hiteli—thief Vela helped. her ‘cousin’/alter-ego is Leilaia
  • Cathea Silver-Hair—blonde Yelornan
  • Nef—Hiteli’s ‘cousin’/protector, an alchemist and shopkeeper
  • Content Not Found: berene-pavalava—Lunar priestess at the Teelo Norri temple
  • Delenda—one of the new initiates at Teelo Norri
  • Rhogam-male watchman I hung out with-
  • Lira-female watchman I hung out with-
  • Cathea Silver-Hair – Yelornan Wanderer
  • Shalana the Brown – Yelornan Wanderer
  • Balomia Firewood – Yelornan Wanderer
  • Standard-Bearer – Unicorn-headed broo warleader at Sahe’s Grove
  • Priestess Porusa—High Priestess of the legit Seven Mothers Temple
  • Snaptwig—Aldryami gateguard at the Garden
  • Elusu—awful conartist
  • Keeper of the White Moon lady—kind of a bitch

Crossing, arc 2

  • Berek. son of Gond—Uroxi besieging Crossing because of chaos
  • Kaj-Issaries merchant and secret ogre who got Marjan pregnant
  • Tolan—trader, Marjan’s father
  • Content Not Found: marjan—trader’s daughter
  • Haskel—owner of the inn, his son died last season
  • Kaleah—Ernalda/wisewoman apprentice
  • Arlan—minstrel, Selah’s fiance
  • Selah—farmer’s daughter who was horribly burned in the fire that killed Haskel’s son. She’s now basically an ugly mermaid
  • Gond—Khan of the Bison tribe, Berek’s father and also a Stormbull.

Ronegrath and its Wilds

  • Content Not Found: daine—the Duke’s Chief of Mercenaries
  • Content Not Found: raus—exiled duke of Ronegrath
  • Chaku—chief of the Agimori
  • Galazi—Chaku’s head lady
  • Vian Hornsaddle—storm kahn of the High Llama
  • Sabera Spirittalker—presumably the High Llama’s shaman
  • Almeed—Vian’s missing brother
  • red painted morokanth—i don’t like him
  • two tusk riders—i killed them
  • Rattell Windwalker-Orlanthi merchant I don’t trust
  • Bork-huge Orlanthi merchant I don’t trust
  • Gogoli-Issaries merchant I don’t trust


  • the spring snake—the salt ferret’s teeth because it attacked us
  • Gorkas—me, in the collapsed mine outside of Crossing because he captured Naryu and some villagers
  • one of Gorkas’s bandits—Elf/Journey in a fumbled first aid roll.
  • five of Varoteg’s hitmen—2 me, 2 Tiska, 1 either Goldie or Vela for ambushing us. Tiska’s second because he spit on me again
  • probably all our captives—the Lunar government, for working for Varoteg
  • probably Cassis Strath—the Lunar government, for killing a Lunar soldier
  • five of Varoteg’s black fang assassins—Vela, Dalron, Goldie, and Tiska, for attacking them
  • Dalron—a black fang assassin, for partying with people Varoteg wants
  • two broo—Vela and Tiska for being broo and between them and Crossing
  • Ralell—Naryu, for being tainted by Chaos and lying
  • twenty more broo—the gang, at Sahe’s Grove for trying to corrupt the grove
  • Goldie—the Standard-Bearer, because he thought Goldie was in charge
  • Grey Grigori—broo, for being on the front line in the fight for Sahe’s Grove
  • Mankam—the goddess Malia, for being too close when her Standard Bearer Divine-Interventioned
  • two trollkin and a darktroll wife—Nilrae, Ranis, and Nilrae, because Porusa wanted a message sent
  • Kaj—Berek and Nilrae, because he was an ogre and held a knife to Marjan’s throat
  • two tusk riders and their mounts—Daine and Nilrae, because they attacked us
  • Bork—Naryu, for being a bandit and trying to kill my zebra
  • Gogoli—Daine, for being a bandit and trying to kill him
  • Rattell Windwalker—Heart, for being a bandit and trying to kill me

Conspiracy Notes

Black Fang

  • Varoteg can see things he wasn’t around for, as evidenced by his ability to set up an ambush for the fence and putting the gang’s pictures on those wanted signs and testimony from one of the ambushers
  • Varoteg is head of(?) the Black Fang, a spirit cult assassiny thing. Testimony from Nef, getting attacked by spirit wielding assassins wearing black fanged masks
    >>>The nobles who tried to kidnap Honey had spider tattoos that, when she described them to the judges, the Lhankor Mhy judge identified as Black Fang marks
  • Varoteg supposedly has many ties, even the ability to infiltrate the government himself. Testimony from Nef. I suspect the Lunar Judge of being black fang if not Varoteg
  • There’s a guy called the Illustrious Yara who comes into Gimpy’s after the curfew to give a lot of illegal work, was fucking Ralell]
  • Offering 5k W each for Naryu, Tiska, and Journey. 500 for Goldie and Nilrae.
  • Journey’s trapped Black Fang inside her own body and I’m pretty sure this is the worst plan ever.

Honey’s Mom

  • Has weird tattoos
  • Has weird friends whose houses she’d have meetings in and it was about the only time Honey would be left alone
  • Had Honey on the road, left two other daughters in the city she ran from
  • Honey says her dad was a gambler
  • She probably tampered with Honey’s memories
  • She dropped Honey off in Pavis from another place and likely another time.

Black Fang

Black Fang is a 300 year old spirit and leader of the eponymous assassin cult. He’s currently locked inside Journey’s body.

Wastes Expedition Pack Notes

Trail Fodder (mules x5) 17.5 L
Trail Fodder (pups x5) 13.5 L
Rations x14 84 L
200 L water in barrels 160 L
3-man tents x2 60 L
hide blankets x3 18 L
5 wooden pegs 1 L
Bastard Swords x4 300 L
Long Spear x2 40 L
med shield x3 36 L
Healing potions 800 L

Armor for Tiska
leather hood+composite helm 2.6 L
cuirbolli greaves 50 L
cuirbolli arms 40 L
ringmail byrnie 60 L

Armor for Goldie
med shield 12 L
cuirbolli greaves 50 L

Armor for Twins
Chain Right Arm x2 200 L

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