A small, crystalline object, it’s base color too difficult to determine in the lowlight, but its surface shimmers prismatic like an oilslick. It’s warm to the touch, even to your dead hands. Your fingers feel drawn to it, as if towards a vacuum, it nearly sticks to your hand as you pick it up. It’s half the size of an average apple.

According to Naivara:

“If the stories can be believed, you’ve got a drop of godsblood in your pocket. It’s similar to Viz, possibly the same thing, just older. The Viz you know was formed by the explosion that tore the continent apart. The pressure forcing some of the magical energy into a solid state, almost like diamonds. Viz is useful because it can be used to power spells – simply scratching it’s surface is enough to disrupt it’s solid structure and revert it to energy. It’s volatile and unstable. These crystals, however, aren’t. They’re, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. They alter the flow of nearby magic in strange ways. Some are simply empty vessels, perfect for storing excess power.” She pauses, "Or the odd spirit.

“Others have their own effects, and some research suggests, rudimentary personalities – though nothing emotional or human-like, simply odd ticks, unexplained by observation and study. Most owners are loathe to give them up.”


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