Conspiracy Notes

the White Ones

Tiska and the Dryad

  • Tiska says she is less able to understand animals since the Dryad has died. She does not know if it’s because of the Dryad’s loss or because she is not in her forest any longer.

White Eye & the Blightlings

  • The group of blightlings saw me before they attempted to set fire to the son of Eaves’s captain’s house, but they seemed positive about it. There was no one in the caves who looked at all humanoid, so they must be colluding with someone in the town.
  • The governor was last seen leaving town heading south, but we found him in the caves to the north, buried within the blobthing
  • Glamour made it sound like the blobthing or the body within the blobthing would be the battery powering the golem that White Eye actually was, but White Eye originally showed up last year and the governor was last seen a few days before we arrived in Eaves. Also, who tf made a blight golem and sent it to harass Eaves?
  • Glamour didn’t give a fuck about any of the stuff I told her about the above revelations.

the Sadrasi Plot

  • Gavril Sadras stole an Osadan family heirloom. It’s unclear if he knew that an important ancestor was bound to it at the time of the theft, but he wanted it badly enough that he killed a few retainers on his way in and out.
  • A different, lower member of the Sadras family hired Spoof’s band. According to Spoof, they mostly guarded warehouses and charted the wilds outside of Glass for good land for farming or mining for the Sadras. It was the best pay Spoof’s men had gotten in years. >> >> Tiska and the Bunny
  • Spoof said he and the others were surprised when the Dryad popped up and they killed her because they were startled. Tiska says that other weapons, even weapons made from ‘deathmetal’ had always passed through the Dryad like she was made of air before this attack, but that Spoof’s men’s weapons hurt her like they would hurt Tiska. Tiska says that they did not ever seem to change their weapons in the time she watched them. >> Tiska and the Bunny
  • Spoof’s captain wore a Sadrasi ring with some subtle charms on it. I have yet to figure out what the charms do, or if it’s responsible for the Dryad’s death. >> Back to the Caves
  • Spoof said they were heading up here to get a package from a friend of the captain’s for the Sadrasi. He didn’t know what it was, but they were getting it from the abandoned town to the north of here. >> Tiska and the Bunny
  • I dreamed about that town >> Sleeping Beauty
  • Chance mentioned that a shipment bound for Glass had been stolen. She said it was a shipment of “devil killing crystals” but she might have changed that for the joke. It might have been why she was originally heading north, since that town is about all that’s up there besides the Ghostwall. >> Chance Encounters
  • Tiska says she saw marks similar to the ones the captain drew post-breakdown past the inn that’s the halfway point between Eaves and the northern town. >> [one i haven’t posted yet]]

The Weaver and the Thief

  • When my mother’s crazy eyes are at their brightest, she says that the Weaver and the Thief are—or at least were—two different goddesses. That the Weaver made the first veil that was shredded, and then later the Thief sneaked into her prison, stole the pieces, and used it to free the Nethoney, becoming a hero where the original Weaver was hated.
  • My mother and Hatchet look for strange artifacts whenever they go out onto the frontier. Tiles and clay fragments with paintings that could be proto-Sodanan, only even more abstract.

Conspiracy Notes

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