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  • Marrowlicker and the Hatchet

    Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a noblewoman named Morana. She wasn’t a princess, but she didn’t want to be; she only ever wanted to be in charge of herself and the people she would take into battle. And she battled often. The other …

  • Lanochka the Foundling

    A Nethoney having a baby is a little different than some other cultures. We don’t celebrate birthdays, we celebrate naming days, which is usually about ten days or two weeks after the baby is born. I think the custom predates our time with the Horse- …

  • Memory

    h3. Family * Sister--[[:chance | Chance]] * Sister--unknown goofy sister Image Source: Charlie Boatwater http://charlie-bowater.deviantart.com/

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