Salt's witch


Nilrae on Memory:
“That’s Memory. She’s the only witch-witch. She’s not shunned from town, though people give her space. But she’s actively involved in making decisions with my dad and Bogdana—the captain….Memory showed up one day with a bunch of big black birds, gave my dad a useless sword, pulled her house out of the ground and said she lived there now. The other spellslingers are just people living their lives making fancy tables and books and shit, but Memory’s not really doing anything to not completely play up the witch aesthetic. She tends to keep most of her panache in her personality. She talks to her birds and will help with injuries and problems, but whatever she’s doing with the viz and bog, she keeps mostly to herself. I used to sneak out to watch the light shows and the birds chatter while she researched sometimes.”



  • Sister—Chance
  • Sister—unknown goofy sister

Image Source: Charlie Boatwater


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