This is a duet game, with one GM and one player, though who plays which role is beginning to change. It’s gone through several system changes and retcons. It’s currently being played in Mythras (or Runequest 6), but it’s also been played in Runequest 2.

The setting is entirely homebrewed, but we did reskin the old Glorantha Rainbow Mounds module to make the foundations of Eaves and the Blightling cave. It largely explores environmentalism, rebuilding after an apocalypse, nationalism and xenophobia, and coming-of-age themes.

The Campaign Preface is probably the best place to start.

The Adventure Log is usually going to be the last thing to be updated. Characters, goals, loot, etc, are much more likely to be updated during the game session, while it might take much longer to write up a real session rundown.

I’m very slow at updating this :/

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